20A GFCI TRWR Outlet


  • 20 Amps, White GFCI
  • TR Outlet – Tamper Resistant
  • WR Outlet – Weather Resistant
  • UL Listed (ETL Equivalent)
  • 2 Pole/3 Wire-Grounding Installation (12 or 14 AWG Copper Wire)
  • LED Indicator Light
  • Free returns/exchanges for defects.
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20A GFCI TRWR Outlet – Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

A GFCI Outlet is a device designed to protect people from shocks from an electrical system. If there is a ground fault, a GFCI will trip and stop the flow of electricity to prevent injuries.

Why Choose ESD Tech’s 20A GFCI TRWR Outlet? 

  • 20 Amps: Works on both 15A and 20A Circuits.
  • Tamper Resistant (TR): Outlet includes safety shutters that only the prongs of a plug can penetrate.
  • Weather Resistant (WR): Outlet designed with enhanced corrosion resistant components to withstand more moist or humid locations.
  • LED Indicator Lights: Easily tell when your GFCI needs to be replaced.
  • UL Listed – Certified to pass all required inspections.
  • Free exchange or refunds for all defective units received.
  • Includes matching wall plate.
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What is a GFCI?


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